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Safety Controller Teach Pendant
DAINCUBE supplies 3 essential parts of industrial Robot Controllers. These are Teach Pendants, Robot Motion Controllers and Safety Controllers (Safety PLC).
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Daincube: Custom Develop Software (coreDev) Daincube: Robot Simulator (coreSim) Daincube: Robot Motion Controller (DTP10-coreCon)
Daincube: Motion Controller (DTP7H-coreCon) Daincube: IBM PC compatible (industrial laptop) Teach Pendant DTP10-P700 Daincube: Teach Pendant (DTP10-M)
Daincube: Teach Pendant (DTP10) Daincube: Teach Pendant (DTP7H Series) Daincube: Embedded Linux based EtherCAT Controller (DMC-L)
Daincube: Safety Controller (DRSC-HA) Daincube: Teach Pendant (DTP3) Daincube: Industrial Fieldbus Gateway (DGW)
Daincube: EtherCAT Slave I/O Units (DIO-32A) Daincube: Safety Controller (DRSC-MA) Daincube: Junction Box (DTPH-CUE-JB)