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JVL: Robot Gears (HSPG Series) JVL: Robot Gears (HSPG Series)

JVL: Robot Gears (HSPG Series)

JVL offers a unique combination of integrated servo motors-MAC motor® - or integrated stepper motors - QuickStep® - together with backlash free robot gear reducers.


  • Zero backlash

  • Integration of high capacity radial-axial bearings into the reduction gear

  • Almost 100% increase of the rated torque

  • More than 90% transmission efficiency by rated torque

  • Large scale of reduction ratio (31-191)

  • High precision performance

  • High linearity of the torsion characteristics

  • Elimination of the gliding friction from the reduction mechanism

  • Very low level of noise and vibration

  • Very simple construction

  • Decreased external dimensions

  • High reliability

  • Long service life

Model No.:
HSPG 050, HSPG 070, HSPG 080, HSPG 110, HSPG 140, HSPG 170, HSPG 200