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An Absolute Encoder is a device that provides a unique code for each increment of shaft rotation, meaning that an absolute encoder indicates both that the shaft position has changed, and the absolute position of the shaft.
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Avago (Basic Option): Ultra-Precision Absolute Encoder,17-Bit (AEAT-9000 Series) Avago (Full Option): Ultra-Precision Absolute Encoder,17-Bit (AEAT-9000 Series) Avago: High Temp Multi-turn Absolute Encoder Module,14-Bit (AEAT-84AD Series)
Avago: High Temp Multiturn Absolute Encoder Module,12-Bit (AEAT-84AD Series) Avago: Single-Turn Magnetic Absolute Housed Encoder (AEAT-60xx Series) Avago: Ultra-precision Gray Code Absolute Encoder Module, 13-Bit (AEAT-7000 Series)
Bolted datum clamp and clamp support kit for FASTRACK-A-9589-0096 Datum clamp for RTLC-S and RTLA-S scales A-9585-0028 Dispensing tip for Loctite 435 adhesive P-TL50-0209
Dust caps for LEMO connectors A-9570-2040 Renishaw: End cover kit  A-9589-0058 End cover kit for RTLC-S or RTLA-S scales, A-9585-0035
End cover kit
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