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Heidenhain: Angle Encoder Modules (SRP 5000 Series) Heidenhain: Angle Encoder Modules (SRP 5000 Series)

Heidenhain: Angle Encoder Modules with Integrated Drive Motor (SRP 5000 Series)

Angle encoder modules from HEIDENHAIN are combinations of angle encoders and high-precision bearings that are optimally adjusted to each other. They are characterized by their high degree of measuring and bearing accuracy, their very high resolution, as well as optimum repeatability. The low starting torque permits smooth motions.

SRP angle encoder modules are additionally equipped with an integrated torque motor. They therefore combine a motor, precision bearing and encoder with very high accuracy in one compact system. The torque motor with its very low detent torque enables extraordinarily smooth motion control. Neither disruptive detent torques nor radial forces impair the high guideway accuracy of the bearing. Thanks to their design as completely
specified and tested composite assemblies, handling and installation is very simple.

The SRP angle encoder modules are specially optimized for the stringent requirements of
metrological applications. The very high resolution and excellent repeatability of the SRPs are decisive here—even at varying application temperatures. High motor torques and loads are not usually the focus of these applications.

Model No.:
SRP 5080, SRP 5010