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* In overseas warehouse, about 1 week lead time for this Model.


Part No.:

The Accessory 8P (ACC-8P) is a 60-pin Phoenix Terminal Block which is supplied with a DIN rail mount and 16” flat cable.
ACC-8P provides a convenient means for routing PMAC’s JMACH connector signals and power supply lines to a terminal block.
If the following conditions are required, it is recommend that PMAC’s ACC-8D is used instead of ACC- 8P:

• Third-phase generator for two commutated motors (ACC-8D Option 1)
• 40W linear amplifiers interface (ACC-8D Option 4)
• V-to-F converter interface (ACC-8D Option 2), and
• Optically isolated encoder interface board (ACC-8D Option 6)
• Easy connection through flat cables to Hewlett-Packard or compatible encoders or handwheels

PMAC(1) 4-channel breakout board, monolithic terminal
block (must specify Opt P or V)

Price : $180.00
Delta Tau: PMAC Stepper Motor Interface (ACC-8S) Delta Tau: PMAC Stepper Motor Interface (ACC-8S)

* In overseas warehouse, about 1 week lead time for this Model.

Tau: PMAC Stepper Motor Interface (ACC-8S)

PMAC2's Accessory 8S (ACC-8S) is a 2-axis output board designed for easy connection to Stepper drivers. The step and direction outputs are RS422 compatible and are capable of being connected in either differential mode or single ended configurations for 5V input drivers. Flag input terminals are provided to allow connection of 12V-24V sensors or limit switches.

The PMAC2 can use a folded back signal from the ACC-8S to simulate the closure of a motor’s position loop. Jumpers are provided to allow the use of an external encoder for true closed-loop control. Being a two-axis accessory, velocity loop encoder input may be used if only 1 drive output is used.

ACC-8S is one of a series of I/O accessories for PMAC2. The interface to the PMAC2 is made using the JMACH connector cable. This cable is supplied with the board and is 24 inches long.

When used with the ACC-8S, the PMAC2 outputs a pulse train of variable frequency and constant pulse width. This scheme is known as Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM).


  • Stepper Motor Interface Breakout Board

  • Assy# 602644-100

  • SN 621

  • Din Rail Mount

Price : $216.63
Delta Tau: Terminal Board (ACC-8PE) Delta Tau: Terminal Board (ACC-8PE)

* In overseas warehouse, about 1 week lead time for this Model.

Tau: Terminal Board (ACC-8PE)

Enhanced terminal board for JMACH on PMAC

This product is specifically designed to replace the standard ACC-8 for Delta Tau's PMAC. It provides the following enhancements over the standard product:

  • LED indication of following error status (or reset status)

  • Optocoupling of Amplifier enable (AENA) signals with both collector and emitter brought out to allow both sinking and sourcing output configurations.

  • Eliminates potential voltage drop problems in ribbon cable of 5 volt lines.

  • More robust; 60 way header than standard item.

  • Only 32 mm longer.

  • Cheaper than the genuine article.

  • LED indication of power supplies. (only light when voltage is in spec)

More power supply terminals for encoders and flag returns:

  • 4 x 5VDC

  • 4 x common

  • 7 x AGND

  • 2 x +15VDC

  • 2 x –15VDC

LED indication of flag status:

  • Amplifier enable output AENA

  • Amplifier fault input FAULT

  • End limit switch inputs +LIM and –LIM

  • Home flag input HMFL

Price : $291.11
DELTA TAU:  digital interface board (ACC-8F) DELTA TAU: digital interface board (ACC-8F)

The Accessory 8F digital interface board (ACC-8F) for the PMAC2 family of controllers provides
pinouts for two channels with digital-input amplifiers.

Price : $347.00
Delta Tau: Board (ACC-8D) Delta Tau: Board (ACC-8D)

* In overseas warehouse, about 1 week lead time for this Model.

Tau: Board (ACC-8D)


Part No.:3A4-0ACC8D-OPT

Option4A - Quad motor Driver 150W/channel, 48V max,

per channel 3.0A cont, 5.0A peak, with 40-cm (16 inch) cable

to ACC-8D or 8E


Part No.:306-0ACC8D-OPT

Option 6 - Quad 3-channel encoder isolate board with 4

40-cm (16 inch) cables to ACC-8D,8E,8F

Acc-8D Option 6 is a separate board designed to sit alongside the main Acc-8D board. Acc-8D Option 6 provides the capability to optically isolate four incremental encoders from PMAC’s digital circuitry. This can be important for signal integrity in noisy environments. (Usually, differential signals and cable shielding are tried first.) Because the encoders are isolated from PMAC, a separate 5V power supply is required for the encoders.

The encoder signals and the power (5V and GND) for the encoder side of the board are brought in through Terminal Block 1. The encoder signals are passed on to PMAC either through (provided) 10-line flat cables that connect JENC1 through JENC4 on Option 6 to J1A through J4A (see diagram) on the main Acc-8D board, or through discrete wiring that connects Terminal Block 2 (TB2) on Option 6 to the Terminal Block on Acc-8D or Acc-8P. For Acc-8P, this is the only connection choice since J1A through J4A connectors are not available. For Acc-8D, either discrete wiring (through TB2), or cable wiring (through JENC1 to JENC4) should be used. The power for the PMAC half of the board comes through this connection as well.

Price : $417.00
ACC-24PCI2+OPT1 Delta Tau: Motion Controller PMAC2-PC Axis Expansion Board (ACC-24PCI2+OPT1)

Delta Tau: Motion Controller PMAC2-PC Axis Expansion Board (ACC-24PCI2+OPT1)

Price : $1,838.00