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Copley Controls: Accelnet MACRO (AMP Series) Copley Controls: Accelnet MACRO (AMP Series)

Accelnet MACRO is a high-performance, DC powered drive for torque and velocity control of brushless and brush motors via MACRO (Motion And Control Ring Optical).

Copley Controls: Sinusoidal Torque Amplifier (7 Series) Copley Controls: Sinusoidal Torque Amplifier (7 Series)

Copley Controls: 115/230 VAC Sinusoidal Torque Amplifier (7 Series)

Line-Powered AC Brushless Servo Amplifiers with ±10V Analog U-V Inputs

Product Description

The 7xx5AC models are PWM servo amplifiers for AC brushless servomotors that are commutated externally by digital control systems that output two +/-10V signals that represent the current command to the motor U and V windings. The amplifier then synthesizes the current command for the W winding.

Control cards take feedback from an encoder on the motor and use various techniques to determine the rotor position. When this has been done, the controller is able to output two signals that correspond to the current in the U and V windings to produce torque in the motor. The amplifier synthesizes the W winding current from UV signals that are either 120 or 90 electrical degrees apart.

Amplifier adjustments with this system consist of inductance compensation, current limit, trans conductance, and offset. Thereafter, the controller does all of the velocity and/or position control of the motor.

An internal 40-pin solderless socket lets the user configure the various gain and current limit settings to customize the amplifiers for a wide range of loads and applications. Header components permit compensation over a wide range of load inductance's to maximize bandwidth with different motors.

Current limiting is provided via an internal solderless header socket or by an external resistance or voltage applied to the signal connector.

The /Enable input active logic-level is switch-selectable to ground or +5V to interface with all types of control cards. Fail-safe operation in either polarity results from an internal jumper that selects the default input level and input resistor pull-up or pull-down connections so that the amplifier shuts down with no input.

MOSFET (7225AC) and IGBT (7425AC) output stages deliver four-quadrant power for bi-directional acceleration and deceleration of motors. For high-inertia loads, an external regenerative energy dissipater is available.

All models are protected against output short circuits (output to output and output to ground) and heat plate over temperature. With the /Reset input open the amplifier will latch off until powered-down or the /Reset input is toggled. The amplifier will reset itself automatically from faults if the /Reset input is wired to GND.



  • Complete line-powered servo amplifier for AC brushless motors with external sinusoidal commutation

  • Off-the-line powered: 32~132VAC, 32~264VAC 50/60Hz, single-phase No transformer required

  • Optically isolated power and signal stages

  • Separate motor and signal Sub-D type connectors

  • FAIL-SAFE ENABLE INPUT: Ground or +5V active level selection

  • FAULT PROTECTIONS: Short-circuits, output to output, output to ground, Over / under voltage, Over temperature, Self-reset or latch-off

  • CURRENT LIMIT: With no loss of Phasing and alert signal for control system

  • 3kHz Bandwidth

  • Wide load inductance range 0.4~ 40 mH.

Works with Popular Controllers

  • ACS-Tech80 5651A ACS-Tech80 SPiiPlus series

  • PMD MC1231A Chipset

  • Delta Tau PMAC

  • MEI DPS Series

  • Galil DMC-1700

The OEM Advantage

  • Internal header configures amplifier for plug and play operation

  • Conservative design for high MTBF


Model No.: 7225AC, 7425AC

Copley Controls: Accelnet Panel (ACP Series) Copley Controls: Accelnet Panel (ACP Series)

CANopen/DeviceNet ; RS232

Price : $850.00