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HMI+PLC+Motion HMI for Extreme Environment Industrial PCs

HMI stands for Human Machine Interface. This is the interface between the operator and the controller. The HMI is the controller operating panel which comprises of a numeric keypad and a LCD screen that displays text. The keypad is used to input data into the application, such as Timer values.

The PLC's Display screen can show operator messages, variable information from the program and system information; HMI messages are created in the Display Editor and Variable information fields are created in the Variable Editor.

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Parker: PowerStation (IPC/IPX Series) Heidenhain: Evaluation Electronics (ND 1400 QUADRA-CHEK) Heidenhain: Evaluation Electronics (ND 1300 QUADRA-CHEK)
Parker: PowerStation P1306QT-Q3 Heidenhain: Position Display Units (POSITIP 880) Delta: Touch Panel HMI - Human Machine Interfaces DOP-W157B
Advantech:PC,  4U, 7 slots, with 300W, MIC-3328 with 3517UE,MIC-3121-H2-AE Heidenhain: Evaluation Electronics (ND 2100 G GAGE-CHEK) Heidenhain: Position Display Units (ND 780)
Heidenhain: Position Display Units (ND 1200R) Advantech:  4U, 7 slots, with 180W, MIC-3328 with 3517UE,MIC-3111-H2-AE Heidenhain: Evaluation Electronics (ND 1200 QUADRA-CHEK)