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Heidenhain Mitutoyo Renishaw
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Heidenhain: Position Display Units (ND 7013) Heidenhain: AE LC 291F Scanning unit for absolute sealed LC 200 linear  encoder Heidenhain: Calibration Ball with Holder for Machine Optimization through Touch Probes KKH
Heidenhain: Digital Readout for Manual Operated Machine Tools (ND 5023) Heidenhain: Digital Readout POSITIP 8016 (ID: 1089176-01) Heidenhain: Evaluation Electronics (ND 2100 G GAGE-CHEK)
Heidenhain: Length Gauges ST 3077 Heidenhain: Length Gauges ST 3088 Heidenhain: Length Gauges ST1278
Heidenhain: Measuring and Test Equipment (PWM 20) Heidenhain: Position Display Units ND 280 Heidenhain: Position Display Units (ND 1200R)