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Delta Tau: Amplifier (ACC-8D OPT4A) Delta Tau: Amplifier (ACC-8D OPT4A)

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Delta Tau:
Amplifier (ACC-8D OPT4A)

Accessory 8D (ACC-8D) Option 4A is a standalone printed circuit board amplifier that typically is connected to PMAC via ACC-8D (the Terminal Block board), although it can be wired without the Terminal Block board. This general-purpose amplifier provides four channels of 150W continuous (250W intermittent for 1 second) linear amplifiers. Amplifier may be used to drive small to medium sized DC motors or proportional hydraulic valve actuators. The amplifier is very compact in size, and may be interfaced conveniently to PMAC through ACC-8D and through a 16-pin flat cable. It receives four ±10VDC analog control signals and four digital amplifier enable signals, and outputs four amplifier fault signals. It has four mounting holes on its circuit board for easy mounting.

Amplifier Ratings

  • Output Current Ratings

  • 1.0 A Continuous/2.0 A Peak

  • Output Power Ratings

  • 0.040 kW (0.054 HP) at 30 VDC

Supported Motor Types

  • DC Brush

  • Piezoelectric

  • Galvanometer

  • Voice Coil

  • Hydraulic

Other Hardware Features

  • 4 independent analog amplifier channels each receiving a ±10VDC control signal

  • Versatile, standalone, panel-mount circuit board form factor

  • One digital input for the amplifier enable signal on each channel

  • 30 VDC bus voltage

  • One digital amplifier fault output signal per channel

Price : $735.00