E-Motion, established in 1994, has been a motion control manufacturer, integrator, and distributor for over 25 years. We carry numerous well-known brands, as well as our own product lines, which provide cost-efficient solutions for thousands of customers all over the world.

E-MotionSupply.com is a comprehensive online trade and resource platform that allows our customers to learn industry knowledge, conduct project research, download detailed product information, and to acquire the latest industry news and updates.

Our Goal:

  • To provide our customers with easy access to professional knowledge, convenient product manuals, and downloadable handbooks, with short lead-times and low prices at a great value.
  • To be a good tool for engineers and technicians on motion control system design and a reliable source for management on decision making.
  • To be a helpful partner for industry purchasing personnel.

With a strong manufacturer and integrator background, E-MotionSupply.com is able to provide full technical support and product customization services. Please contact us for your solutions.

We are registered with ISO (International Organization for Standardization) holding Quality Certification No. ISO-9001:2000. Registration No.01706Q10163R0S-1