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Our AC Servo Motors and Drivers come in a variety of options from brands such as: Delta, Mitsubishi, Sanyo Denki, LS Mecapion, Panasonic, and Yaskawa. Some options available are multiple frame sizes and motor speeds to fit your motion control needs.
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Delta:  Brake Unit VFDB4030 Delta:  Brake Unit VFDB4045 Delta:  Brake Unit VFDB4160
Delta: AC Servo Drives ASD-A2-0121-E Delta: AC Servo Drives ASD-A2-0121-M Delta: AC Servo Drives ASD-A2-0421-E
Delta: AC Servo Drives ASD-A2-0421-F Delta: AC Servo Drives ASD-A2-0421-M Delta: AC Servo Drives ASD-A2-0721-E
Delta: AC Servo Drives ASD-A2-0721-M Delta: AC Servo Drives ASD-A2-0743-E Delta: AC Servo Drives ASD-A2-0743-M

AC Servo Motors

E-Motion Supply is your source for low, medium, and high inertia servo motors, as well as the controllers and brakes you need to operate them. For example, we carry the popular LS Mecapion VS Series Servo Drive, with models providing 125 to 210 amps of rated power. This incremental system works great with LS’s sold shaft servo motors. We also carry AC servos and drivers from Delta, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Sanyo Denki, and Yaskawa. Most of these parts are available in multiple speeds and frame sizes, giving you options to fit your automation system.

We also carry servo brakes that are based around regenerative braking. They capture power generated by the servo motor as it slows down. This power is sent to a set of braking resistors, which convert the power into heat, then dissipated through built-in cooling fins. This smooths out braking, reducing backlash.