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JVL: Planetary Gears (HMGH Series) JVL: Planetary Gears (HMGH Series)

JVL: Planetary Gears (HMGH Series)

Low Cost Planetary Gears for NEMA23 motors

The series of HMGH planetary gears are specially designed for JVL. With their NEMA23 standard flanges they can be directly mounted on the MAC 050 to 141 series of integrated motors as well as on a wide range of stepper motors. They also fit directly on the new integrated step motors, QuickStep.

Gears with other flanges can also be delivered from this series.

  • NEMA23 standard configuration on input and output flange.

  • All powder metal gears except adapter.

  • Operating temperature range: 0 - 40°C ambient.

  • Absolute max. 90°C.

  • Maximum input speed: 4000rpm.

  • Axial load 34kg max.

  • Radial load 34kg max. at 15.8mm from shaft end.

  • Very low losses.

  • High efficiency.

  • Low cost

Model No.: HMGH05N003K1N23106J, HMGH05N005K1N23106J, HMGH05N010K1N23106J, HMGH05N015K1N23106J, HMGH05N025K1N23106J, HMGH05N030K1N23106J, HMGH05N050K1N23106J, HMGH05N100K1N23106J

JVL: Planetary Gears (HTRG Series) JVL: Planetary Gears (HTRG Series)

JVL: Planetary Gears (HTRG Series)

The HTRG product range of precision planetary gears is the outcome of years of experience in the industry, and is the culmination of a decade-long dedication to performance enhancement.

Comprising a wide range of low backlash planetary gearboxes, the units come in a range of precision classes up to 3’, and are available in seven gear frame sizes, with one or more reduction stages for gearing ratios from 1:3 to 1:1000.

Double shaft, right angle shaft and right angle output shaft versions are also available.

All this, combined with tens of motor mounting adapters held in stock, mean we can quickly respond to the most diverse application requirements of our customers.

The gears can be mounted directly or by means of adaptor flanges on most of the JVL integrated servo and stepper motors as well as on the wide range of other motors from JVL. This datasheet shows the HTRG types of gear boxes which JVL normally has in stock for JVL motors and often delivered types.

Model No.: HTRG05N003MHN23106J, HTRG05N005MHN23106J, HTRG05N009MHN23106J, HTRG05N012MHN23106J, HTRG05N020MHN23106J, HTRG05N100MHN23106J, HTRG06N003MH050114MC, HTRG06N003MHN34109JC, HTRG06N005MH050114MC, HTRG06N005MHN34109JC, HTRG06N010MH050114MC, HTRG06N010MHN34109JC, HTRG06N012MH050114MC, HTRG06N020MHN34109JC, HTRG06N036MHN23106JC, HTRG06N050MHN23106JC, HTRG06N100MHN23106JC, HTRG08N003MHN34114MC, HTRG08N003MHP70119MC, HTRG08N005MHN34114MC, HTRG08N005MHP70119MC, HTRG08N010MH050114MC, HTRG08N010MHN34114MC, HTRG08N010MHP70119MC, HTRG08N012MH050114MC, HTRG08N012MHP70119MC, HTRG08N020MH050114MC, HTRG08N020MHP70119MC, HTRG08N036MHP70119MC, HTRG08N100MHP70119MC, HTRG10N003MHS40224MC, HTRG10N005MHS40224MC, HTRG10N010MHS40224MC, HTRG10N015MHP70119MC, HTRG10N020MHP70119MC, HTRG10N100MHP70119MC, HTRG13N020MHS40224MC, HTRG13N036MHS40224MC, HTRG13N100MHP70119MC, HTRG16N020MHS40224MC, HTRG16N100MHS40224MC, HTRG19N020MHS40224MC, HTRG19N100MHS40224MC