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Collaborative robots take operations to the next level. They work hand in hand with humans balancing the imperative for safety with the need for flexibility and productivity. As a pioneer in robotics and automation, ABB offers the broadest portfolio on the market.
Adapt to changing markets

Robots no longer need to work alone. Our collaborative robots are designed with inherent safety so they can work alongside humans. Collaborative automation means greater speed and efficiency.

ABB’s comprehensive offering

The YuMi® family of collaborative robots – designed with best-in-class safety – facilitate close collaboration with humans. YuMi cobots are designed for low payload applications such as handling small parts and inspection tasks. But there is so much more: ABB SafeMove software can transform any connected industrial robot with higher payloads and faster speeds into a collaborative one.

Simple start up

ABB’s tools and software services make collaborative robots easy to install, program and operate – for companies of any size.