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RSF Elektronik: Digital Readout (Z 300 Series) RSF Elektronik: Digital Readout (Z 300 Series)

RSF Elektronik: Digital Readout (Z 300 Series)

Measurement Readout

For a comfortable issue of measured values RSF Elektronik offers PC interface cards, subdividing electronics as well as the new relaunched digital readout Z 300. Z 300 replaces the legacy model of the Z 7xx series.

The Digital Readout Z 300 is especially suited for use on milling, drilling and boring machines and lathes with up to three axes. A separate I/O unit provides switching inputs/outputs for simple tasks in automation (optional accessory: IFB 48).


The Z 300 display unit is designed as a sturdy upright unit with splash-proof full travel keypad for use in a workshop. It is equipped with a monochrome flat screen for position values, dialog and input displays, graphic functions and graphic positioning support.

Data Interfaces

The Z 300 features an RS-232-C/V.24 serial interface for measured value transfer to a PC or printer, for input/output of parameters and compensation value lists and for dialogs.


Z 300 is basically conceived as an upright unit. Mounting possibilities:

  • Threaded mounting holes M6 and M8 on the housing floor

  • Mounting frame (optional, ID 532 811-01) for mounting the digital readout in a housing or operating panel

Technical Data:


  • Axes: 2 or 3

  • Encoder Inputs: RS-422 inputs for quadrature signals and reference pulse

  • Display: 5.7 " monochrome flat-panel display for position values, dialogs and inputs, softkeys

  • Status display: Tool, reference point, operating function, feed rate, ABS/INC, mm/inch, stopwatch

Display S
(depends on the signal period of the connected encoder)

  • Adjustable, max. 7 digits

  • Linear axes: 1 mm to 0.0001 mm

  • Angular axes: 1° to 0.001° (00° 00´ 00˝)


  • 10 datums

  • 16 tools

  • REF reference mark evaluation for distance-coded or single reference marks

  • Distance-to-go mode

  • Scaling factor

  • mm/Inch switching

  • Absolute/incremental display

  • On-screen help and operating instructions

  • Graphic positioning support ("near zero" warning)

  • Calculator

Mode: M

  • Calculation of positions for hole patterns (circular patterns as well as linear patterns)

  • Tool radius and tool length compensation

  • Probing functions for reference-point acquisition with KT edge finder:
    "edge", "centerline", "circle center"

  • Linear hole patterns, bolt hole circles

Mode: T

  • Taper calculator

  • Radius/diameter switching

  • Freezing the tool position for back-off

  • Vectoring: X/Z-display of the traverse path with inclined top slide

  • Sum displays for Z and Z0 (axis coupling)

Error C

  • Axis error: Linear and multipoint over up to 200 correction points

  • Backlash compensation

Data I

  • V.24/RS-232-C: 300 to 115 200 Baud

Switching I/O

  • Input for edge finder (with switching signal or contact triggering)

  • Further inputs/outputs over the IFB 48 external input/output unit

Main P
ower Unit

  • AC 100 to 240 V (-10% to +10%), 47 Hz to 63 Hz, max. 135 W

Operating T

  • 0 °C to 45 °C

Protection EN 60 529

  • IP 40

  • Front panel: IP 54


  • 2.6 kg