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FAULHABER: Braking Chopper (BC 5004 Series) FAULHABER: Braking Chopper (BC 5004 Series)

FAULHABER: Braking Chopper (BC 5004 Series)


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Sanyo Denki: AC Servo Systems (REGIST SERIES) Sanyo Denki: AC Servo Systems (REGIST SERIES)

Sanyo Denki: AC Servo Systems (REGIST Series)

SANMOTION R Advanced Model, AC100V, AC200V

Highly accurate AC servo systems consisting of compact, high-torque servo motors and servo amplifiers that reduce positioning settling time. With highly responsive command following and vibration controls to minimize machine stand resonance, they contribute to shortened takt time. They are ideal for applications where high precision movement is required, such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, chip mounters, robots, and machine tools.


  • Capacity : 15A, 30A, 50A, 100A, 150A

  • Now Available with EtherCAT Interface: EtherCAT is a 100Mbps high-speed fieldbus system, which helps shorten Takt time. It is compatible with Ethernet, and its high versatility enables the creation of a system compatible with a variety of devices. Servo amplifier firmware can be updated via EtherCAT. It is also certified through EtherCAT conformance testing conducted by a third party organization.

  • Safety Model newly added to lineup: Since this new model safely shuts down motor torque, safety systems are more easily installed on the equipment. This safety function is defined in the ”IEC61800-5-2:Safe Torque Off” and ”IEC60204-1:Stop Category 0”. In addition, this model has acquired ”IEC61508, SIL2/IEC62061,SILCL2” and ”ISO138491:Cat.3,PL=d”.

  • Encoder Connected by Oldham Coupling: Encoders can be mounted by Oldham coupling to servo motors 100 mm sq. or larger. This makes it easy to replace encoder if necessary. *This is an optional configuration, please contact us for details.

  • Waterproof and Dust Proof: All models of R Advanced Servo Motors have high IP65 waterproof and dustproof ratings, and variants rated IP67 are available for models other than R Servo Motors from 130 mm sq. to 220 mm sq.

  • All-in-One Control: Configurable parameters allow you to switch between control modes for torque, position or velocity.

  • 5-digit LED Display, Built-in Operator: The built-in operator allows you to change parameters and monitor the amplifi er status and alarm trace.

  • Test Function (JOG): On-board JOG operation function is available for testing motor and amplifier connection without the need to connect to a host device.

  • Setup Software: The setup software allows you to set parameters, and view graphical displays of monitored position, velocity or torque waveforms.

  • Multiaxial Monitor Function: The setup software allows up to 15 axes to be monitored. To enable monitoring of multiple axes, an optional communication converter and amplifier communication cable are available. *Analog/Pulse input type only

  • Built-in Regeneration Resistor: It is possible to choose whether to equip regeneration resistance or not. If the regeneration resistance capability is insufficient, it is possible to use an external regeneration resistance unit.

  • Built-in Dynamic Brake: A built-in dynamic brake provides emergency stop capability. The six kinds of motion sequences for the dynamic brake can be selected by parameter setting.

  • Fully-closed loop control: Fully-closed loop control is possible using a linear scale mounted on the device together with high resolution encoder information.

Price : $56.00