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Sanyo Denki: DC Brush Servo Motors  T404-081ET2N Metalrota: Direct Current Motors (DC Motors) Sanyo Denki: DC Brush Servo Motors (T730 Series)
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AMC China: Brush DC-Servomotors AM80-300T1 AMC China: Brush DC-Servomotors AM60-50T1 SANMOTION K Series DC Brush Servo Motor KA8XXXXX
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DC Brush Motor

DC motors use wound coils of wire and permanent magnets to create a magnetic field. By rapidly turning the electrical signal on and off, the coils are constantly attracted to the internal magnet, causing a rapid and low-friction rotation. While brushless motors tend to have higher efficiency and lower susceptibility to mechanical wear, a brushed motor will often have a superior torque-to-weight ratio and increased torque per watt of input power.

At E-Motion Supply, we carry several DC brushed motors to meet all your motion control needs. Get servo motors from trusted name brands like Glentek, Sanyo Denki, Infranor and more. Made with ferrite magnets for cost-sensitive applications, these motors improve motor-to-load inertia and deliver ultra-smooth operations even at high speeds. Compatible with multiple industry-standard feedback devices, these brushed motors can be used in a variety of different applications, from simple toys to complex industrial machines.