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Heidenhain MicroE Renishaw
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Heidenhain: Measuring and Test Equipment (PWM 21) Heidenhain: Evaluation Electronics (GAGE-CHEK 2000) Heidenhain: 3-D Touch Trigger Probe for the Measurement and Inspection of Tools TT 160
Evaluation Electronics ND 287 ID 636287-01 PWT101 Heidenhain: Incremental Length Gauge MT 1281
Heidenhain: Acu-Rite DRO 200Q Series Digital Readout DRO 203Q (ID# 1358671-01 ) Heidenhain: AE LC 291F Scanning unit for absolute sealed LC 200 linear  encoder Heidenhain: AK LIF 18R Scanning head for LIF incremental exposed linear encoder
Heidenhain: Compressed-air Filter System for purifying the compressed air DA 400 (ID# 894602-01) RSF Elektronik: Digital Readout (Z 300 Series) Heidenhain: Grid Encoders (KGM)