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Parker: Stepper Motor (SY56 Series)
Parker: Stepper Motor (SY56 Series)

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Parker: Stepper Motor (SY56 Series)

1.8 Degree/2-Phase Hybrid Stepper Motors

SY-series hybrid stepper motors are designed for industrial applications and come in NEMA 23, 34 and 42 frame sizes. They provide holding torques of up to 13Nm and offer options of encoder feedback, holding brake, rear shaft, IP68 and vacuum preparation.

The stepper motors of the SY-series are two-phase steppers and are designed for industrial applications. Flying leads and terminal box versions are available and encoders can be ordered as optional items.


  • Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical

  • Packaging Machines

  • Material Handling

  • Factory Automation

  • Life Science Diagnostic

  • Printing Industry

  • Textile Machines

Technical Overview:

  • Motor Technology: 1.8 degree, 2-phase hybrid stepper motor

  • Frame Sizes: Nema 23, Nema 34 & Nema 42 with 1-, 2- and 3-stack motor lengths

  • Maximum Holding Torque [Nm]: 0.45-1.25

  • Current per phase parallel [A]: 4.2-6.5

  • Inductance per phase [mH]: 1-1.2

  • Rotor Inertia [kg-cm2]: 0.125-0.325

  • Axial bearing loading [N]: 80

  • Radial bearing loading [N]: 150

  • Speed Range: 3000 min-1

  • Voltage Supply: 24 - 120VDC

  • Number of Poles: 50

  • Cooling: Air-Cooled / Natural Convection

  • Protection Level: IP41 (flying leads) | IP55 (terminal box) | IP68 (optional on terminal box)

  • Feedback Sensors: Without Sensor | Incremental Encoder (200 or 500 line)

  • Options: Vacuum preparation to 10-6 Torr / Holding Brake / Rear Shaft

  • Terminal box or flying leads

  • Marking: CE

  • Weight [kg]: 0.6-1.35

Brake Options:

  • Brake Torque: 0.75Nm

  • Additional Inertia: 0.02 kg-cm²

  • Switch On Time: 7ms

  • Switch Off Time: 15ms

Model No.: SY561L, SY561L-B, SY561L-B-K, SY561L-B-K-V, SY561L-B-V, SY561L-K, SY561L-K-V, SY561L-L, SY561L-L-K, SY561L-L-K-V, SY561L-L-V, SY561L-V, SY561T, SY561T-B, SY561T-B-E02, SY561T-B-E02-IP, SY561T-B-E02-IP-V, SY561T-B-E02-K, SY561T-B-E02-K-IP, SY561T-B-E02-K-IP-V, SY561T-B-E02-K-V, SY561T-B-E02-V, SY561T-B-E05, SY561T-B-E05-IP, SY561T-B-E05-IP-V, SY561T-B-E05-K, SY561T-B-E05-K-IP, SY561T-B-E05-K-IP-V, SY561T-B-E05-K-V, SY561T-B-E05-V, SY561T-B-IP, SY561T-B-IP-V, SY561T-B-K, SY561T-B-K-IP, SY561T-B-K-IP-V, SY561T-B-K-V, SY561T-B-V, SY561T-E02, SY561T-E02-IP, SY561T-E02-IP-V, SY561T-E02-K, SY561T-E02-K-IP, SY561T-E02-K-IP-V, SY561T-E02-K-V, SY561T-E02-V, SY561T-E05, SY561T-E05-IP, SY561T-E05-IP-V, SY561T-E05-K, SY561T-E05-K-IP, SY561T-E05-K-IP-V, SY561T-E05-K-V, SY561T-E05-V, SY561T-IP, SY561T-IP-V, SY561T-K, SY561T-K-IP, SY561T-K-IP-V, SY561T-K-V, SY561T-L, SY561T-L-IP, SY561T-L-IP-V, SY561T-L-K, SY561T-L-K-IP, SY561T-L-K-IP-V, SY561T-L-K-V, SY561T-L-V, SY561T-V, SY562L, SY562L-B, SY562L-B-K, SY562L-B-K-V, SY562L-B-V, SY562L-K, SY562L-K-V, SY562L-L, SY562L-L-K, SY562L-L-K-V, SY562L-L-V, SY562L-V, SY562T, SY562T-B, SY562T-B-E02, SY562T-B-E02-IP, SY562T-B-E02-IP-V, SY562T-B-E02-K, SY562T-B-E02-K-IP, SY562T-B-E02-K-IP-V, SY562T-B-E02-K-V, SY562T-B-E02-V, SY562T-B-E05, SY562T-B-E05-IP, SY562T-B-E05-IP-V, SY562T-B-E05-K, SY562T-B-E05-K-IP, SY562T-B-E05-K-IP-V, SY562T-B-E05-K-V, SY562T-B-E05-V, SY562T-B-IP, SY562T-B-IP-V, SY562T-B-K, SY562T-B-K-IP, SY562T-B-K-IP-V, SY562T-B-K-V, SY562T-B-V, SY562T-E02, SY562T-E02-IP, SY562T-E02-IP-V, SY562T-E02-K, SY562T-E02-K-IP, SY562T-E02-K-IP-V, SY562T-E02-K-V, SY562T-E02-V, SY562T-E05, SY562T-E05-IP, SY562T-E05-IP-V, SY562T-E05-K, SY562T-E05-K-IP, SY562T-E05-K-IP-V, SY562T-E05-K-V, SY562T-E05-V, SY562T-IP, SY562T-IP-V, SY562T-K, SY562T-K-IP, SY562T-K-IP-V, SY562T-K-V, SY562T-L, SY562T-L-IP, SY562T-L-IP-V, SY562T-L-K, SY562T-L-K-IP, SY562T-L-K-IP-V, SY562T-L-K-V, SY562T-L-V, SY562T-V, SY563L, SY563L-B, SY563L-B-K, SY563L-B-K-V, SY563L-B-V, SY563L-K, SY563L-K-V, SY563L-L, SY563L-L-K, SY563L-L-K-V, SY563L-L-V, SY563L-V, SY563T, SY563T-B, SY563T-B-E02, SY563T-B-E02-IP, SY563T-B-E02-IP-V, SY563T-B-E02-K, SY563T-B-E02-K-IP, SY563T-B-E02-K-IP-V, SY563T-B-E02-K-V, SY563T-B-E02-V, SY563T-B-E05, SY563T-B-E05-IP, SY563T-B-E05-IP-V, SY563T-B-E05-K, SY563T-B-E05-K-IP, SY563T-B-E05-K-IP-V, SY563T-B-E05-K-V, SY563T-B-E05-V, SY563T-B-IP, SY563T-B-IP-V, SY563T-B-K, SY563T-B-K-IP, SY563T-B-K-IP-V, SY563T-B-K-V, SY563T-B-V, SY563T-E02, SY563T-E02-IP, SY563T-E02-IP-V, SY563T-E02-K, SY563T-E02-K-IP, SY563T-E02-K-IP-V, SY563T-E02-K-V, SY563T-E02-V, SY563T-E05, SY563T-E05-IP, SY563T-E05-IP-V, SY563T-E05-K, SY563T-E05-K-IP, SY563T-E05-K-IP-V, SY563T-E05-K-V, SY563T-E05-V, SY563T-IP, SY563T-IP-V, SY563T-K, SY563T-K-IP, SY563T-K-IP-V, SY563T-K-V, SY563T-L, SY563T-L-IP, SY563T-L-IP-V, SY563T-L-K, SY563T-L-K-IP, SY563T-L-K-IP-V, SY563T-L-K-V, SY563T-L-V, SY563T-V

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