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AMP: NEMA 11 Integrated Motors (TSM11Q-3RM)
AMP: NEMA 11 Integrated Motors (TSM11Q-3RM)

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AMP: NEMA 11 Integrated StepSERVO™ Motor w/ Q Programming & Modbus/RTU (TSM11Q-3RM)


  • StepSERVO™ technology featuring space vector current control

  • NEMA 11 frame size

  • Q programming control mode for stand-alone operation

  • Modbus/RTU for easy PLC and HMI communication

  • “Boost” torque of 25-50% higher than holding torque

  • RS-485 port for programming and communications

  • Built-in 4,096 count/rev encoder for closed-loop control

The TSM11Q-3RM integrated StepSERVO™ is a drive+motor unit, fusing a NEMA 11 step motor and a servo drive into a single device. Power to the drive, located at the rear of the motor, must be supplied by an external DC supply. See Recommended Products below for compatible 24 volt DC power supply.

StepSERVO technology combines the high torque capabilities of a step motor with the closed loop dynamic control of a servo system. The result is a highly customizable all-in-one motion control solution that operates quietly and efficiently, requiring only the minimum amount of current to maintain commanded position and velocity. Boost torque of 25-50% higher than the rated holding torque that is available from this integrated StepSERVO motor increases the limits of acceleration, leading to faster cycle times. With software selectable servo loops that have been pre-tuned for various inertial loads, the TSM step servo can be applied in systems where a traditional stepper would not be capable of achieving the high accuracy required.

The TSM11Q-3RM integrated StepSERVO can be operated in several different control modes, including Streaming Command mode using either SCL or Modbus/RTU, Pulse & Direction mode, and Velocity mode, plus it has the ability to run a Q program stored in non-volatile memory. Q programs are created using Applied Motion’s Q Programmer™ software, which provides powerful commands for motion, I/O, conditional processing, multi-tasking, math functions, and more. All TSM11 units are setup, configured and tuned using Applied Motion’s Step-Servo Quick Tuner software with built in Q Programmer.

Each TSM11 integrated stepper comes with 4 high-speed (1MHz) digital inputs and 2 digital outputs. The digital inputs accept signals of 5-24 VDC and can be used for connecting pulse & direction signals, end-of-travel limit switches, quadrature encoder signals, PLC outputs, sensors, or many other signal types. The digital outputs can be connected to PLC inputs, counters, lights, relays, or other devices.

The TSM11Q-3RM comes with an RS-485 port for programming and serial communications to allow for the use either Modbus/RTU or Applied Motion’s Streaming Command Language (SCL). An integral 4,096 count/rev (magnetic) incremental encoder is housed inside the same enclosure as the drive electronics and used for closed-loop servo control to attain highly accurate position and velocity control. Encoder counts can be accessed over the network or from within the Q program using SCL registers.

What’s in the Box?

  • TSM11Q-3RM integrated motor

  • 3004-319 wire harness for power, I/O, and serial communication (for details see Accessories below)

  • Quick Setup Guide (also available in Downloads)

NOT included:

  • DC power supply (required), see Power Supplies below

  • Additional accessories available below

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