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Yaskawa’s Sigma family of servo motors has taken the next technological step using high-resolution serial encoder feedback. Position information is transmitted to the amplifier allowing full error checking which eliminates position error caused by electrical noise and prevents runaway conditions. This all-digital feedback design enables the amplifier to automatically recognize the motor and optimize settings. Also, Yaskawa’s Rotary Servo Motors (AC brushless servo motor) lines with speeds to 6,000 rpm and torques to 1,182 Nm (over 870 lb-ft).

Sigma-7 Servo Products - The Next Revolution in Servo Performance

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Yaskawa: AC Servo System Σ7 Incremental Encoder Cable JZSP-CMP10-03-E Yaskawa Rotary Servo Motors: SGMGV-A Yaskawa Rotary Servo Motors: SGMGV-C
Yaskawa:  SGM7G-09A7C61+SGD7S-7R6A00A Yaskawa:  SGM7G-09A7C6C+SGD7S-7R6A00A Yaskawa: Standard Encoder Cable 15M with Connectors on Both Ends JZSP-CVP02-15-E
Yaskawa:  Standard Holding Brake Cable 15M BBEV-15(A)-E Yaskawa: Power Standard Cable 15M B1EV-15(A)-E Yaskawa: Rotary Servo Motors SGM7G-09A7DK1
SGD7S-7R6A00A Yaskawa: Rotary Servo Motors SGM7G-09A7DKC Yaskawa: AC Rotary Servo Motor Σ7 400W SGM7A-04AFA6C

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