E-Motion Group 

Founded in 1994, with rich experience in the motion control industry in distribution, solution design, system integration, custom design, and manufacturing, It focuses on motion controlCNC, and robotics application technology, serving the global high-end manufacturing industry and becoming a leader in industry application and engineering technology.

E-MotionSupply                                                                                                                                                          Provides brand-new products for OEM customers in the Categories and Brands areas. At the same time, it also opened a Spare Parts Stock area to provide urgently needed spare parts and alternatives for repairing, maintaining, and renovating old equipment. These spare parts Whether it is new or slightly used, we will conduct professional evaluation and testing to ensure that the goods you receive are in good working condition.

 Support Design Supply provides expertise, engineering calculation methods, formulas, online calculation software, and downloadable software. 

  Engineering Service includes CAD, CAM, Custom Wire and cable, Design and Construction, Customized Products, Machine Modifications, Production Line and Equipment Maintenance, Repair Engineering, Reverse Engineering, and System integration.


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