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HEIDENHAIN's comprehensive product program offers solutions for all applications in which the highest possible accuracy, reliable reproducibility and repeatability, safe process management, high machine dynamics, simple operation and of course maximum efficiency are required.

Our products are therefore used primarily in high-precision machine tools, in plants for the production and processing of electronic components, as well as, in automated systems and machines. In addition, we supply our products to manufacturers of elevators, medical technology and others.

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Heidenhain: Digital Readout for Manual Operated Machine Tools (ND 5023) Heidenhain: Adapter Cable for different connector connection (APK Series)
​ Heidenhain: Incremental Rotary Encoder with Integral Bearing for Mounting by Stator Coupling ERN 1331
Heidenhain: 3-D Touch Trigger Probe for the Measurement and Inspection of Tools TT 160 Heidenhain:  Absolute Sealed Linear Encoders  (LC 185 Series) Heidenhain: Scanning head for linear encoder (AE LS 187C)
Heidenhain: Incremental Angle Encoders (ROD 800 Series) ROD 880 Heidenhain: Incremental Angle Encoders (ROD 200 Series) ROD 270 Heidenhain: Incremental Angle Encoder with Integral Bearing (RON 800 Series) RON 886C
Heidenhain: Incremental Angle Encoder with Integral Bearing RON 785 Heidenhain: Angle Encoders (RON 200 Series) Heidenhain: Absolute Angle Encoders (RCN 8000 Series)