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Copley Controls: CANopen Accelnet (R21-055 Series)
Copley Controls: CANopen Accelnet (R21-055 Series)


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Copley Controls: CANopen Accelnet R21 (R21-055 Series)

20-180 VDC Digital Drive for Brushless/Brush Motors


Accelnet R21 is a compact, DC powered servo drive for position, velocity, and torque control of AC brushless and DC brush motors. It can operate on a distributed control network, as a stand-alone indexing drive, or with external motion controllers. Two versions are available to support digital quadrature, or analog sin/cos encoders.

Indexing mode enables simplified operation with PLC’s which use outputs to select and launch indexes and inputs to read back drive status. Additionally, a PLC can send ASCII data that can change motion profiles so that one index can perform various motions as machine requirements change.

The CANopen distributed control architecture is also supported. As a CAN node operating under the CANopen protocol, it supports Profile Position, Profile Velocity, Profile Torque, Interpolated Position, and Homing. Up to 127 drives can operate on a single CAN bus and groups of drives can be linked via the CAN so that they execute motion profiles together. Operation with external motion controllers is possible in torque (current), velocity, and position modes. Input command signals can be ±10V (torque, velocity, position), PWM/Polarity (torque, velocity), or stepper format (CU/CD or Step/Direction).

Control Modes

  • Indexer, Point-to-Point, PVT

  • Camming, Gearing, Position, Velocity, Torque

Command Interface

  • CANopen

  • ASCII and discrete I/O

  • Stepper commands

  • ±10V position/velocity/torque command

  • PWM position*/velocity/torque command

  • Master encoder (Gearing/Camming)


  • CANopen

  • RS-232


  • Digital quad A/B encoder

  • Aux encoder / emulated encoder out

  • Analog sin/cos encoder (-S versions)

  • Brushless resolver (-R versions)

  • Digital Halls

I/O - Digital

  • 9 inputs, 4 outputs

Dimensions: mm [in]

  • 97 x 64 x 33 [3.8 x 2.5 x 1.3]

* R21-R models

Model No.: R21-055-09, R21-055-18, R21-055-18-R

* Note: Add “-S” to part number for Sin/Cos version. Add “-R” to part number for resolver version

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