3R Service at E-motionsupply.com

What do we do with 3R Service?

We do REPAIR, REPLACEMENT (trade-in), and REPLACEMENT SOLUTION (alternative).

1st 3R Service Project-Delta Tau PMAC/UMAC and Accessories.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the advantage of E-motion’s knowledge and products service that you would expect to achieve your equipment.

Since 1997, E-Motion has sold nearly 30,000 pieces of DeltaTau multi-axis controllers PMAC (Programmable Multi-Axis Controller), UMAC (Universal Machine and Automation Controller), PMAC-NC and accessories. In 2004, E-Motion became the largest distributor of Delta Tau in the world. There are nearly 300,000 pieces of DeltaTau controllers on equipment in service. Most of these main cards and related accessories have been discontinued, and there is no access to spare parts and maintenance support.

In recent years, customers from different countries have found us through E-motionsupply.com. We have provided customers with 3R services. Some alternatives were redesigned by our engineers and produced in small batches to meet the urgent needs of customers.

What concerns do customers have about the discontinuation of PMAC production?

1. How to get maintenance support for PMAC products?

2. How to restore the equipment when there is no repair service?

3. How to continue production without updating the software?

With many years of experience in selling and repairing PMAC, E-motion will continue to provide maintenance support services to our customers. For PMAC and accessories that cannot be repaired, we recommend that customers trade in old cards for new ones. We provide recycling of old cards to replace refurbished PMACs and accessories. For those that do not have replaceable refurbished cards or accessories, the EMAC-800 and related accessories specially designed by E-Motion can be used to achieve complete software compatibility replacement.

We provide services such as replacement of different types of controllers and program migration services, adding on-board function opt options, external ACC accessory expansion cards and other services.

Please choose E-Motion EMAC-800 for a fully compatible replacement. EMAC-800 adopts the latest high-speed DSP technology, and all technical indicators are better than Delta Tau boss card.

To repair, replace or replace PMAC, please log in to e-motionsupply.com and fill out the relevant application form (3R Form)or purchase relevant products directly online.

We will continue to provide spare parts and maintenance replacement services including the following PMAC products: