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MOONS': Stepper Motors ML23HS8P4150-02

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MOONS': High Torque 2 Phase Stepper Motor (ML23HS Series)

A stepper motor is an Open-loop control element which converts electrical pulse signals into angular or linear displacements, By controlling the sequence, frequency and quantity of electrical pulses working on the motor coils, we can achieve the control for the velocity, rotation and rotation angle of a stepper motor. Matching with linear motion executive module or gear box device, it will satisfying more complicated and precise linear motion controlling demands.

Due to our professional technology and experience in designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing of stepper motors, MOONS' supplies abundant stepper motor products series, with different phases and step angle for your selection. Each of the series has its unique advantages and characteristics, in order to meets the demands of different customers and different applications.

MOONS' Step Motor Advantage

Included are a number of improvements in performance and value:

  • Many refinements that increase torque by an average of 20%

  • Complete range of sizes: 8, 11, 14, 16, 17, 23, 24, 34, 42

  • Size 17 and larger 2 phase motors are UL recognized

  • 0.9 degree 2 phase motors, and 3 phase motors for extra smooth, quiet, performance

  • PowerPlus technology: for maximum efficiency and performance at all speeds

  • Lower inertia rotors provide faster acceleration

  • High voltage insulation for use with high voltage, high performance drives

  • Low loss stators have better high speed performance

  • Standard windings with high fill for more torque

Standard Hybrid Stepper Motors

Stepper motor is an electromechanical device that directly converts electrical impulses into mechanical motions. By controlling the sequence, frequency and quantity of electrical impulses applied to the motor coils, we can control the steering, speed and rotation angles of stepper motors. Without the help of closed-loop feedback control with position sensing system, using stepper motor and related supporting driver to composite a simple, low-cost open-loop control system, we can achieve precise position and speed control.


MOONS’ high torque 2 phase stepper motor ML23HS Series include a number of improvements for even greater performance and value:

  • Rare earth magnets and optimized rotors designed for maximum torque, and high efficiency

  • Stators with maximum winding fill for lower temperatures, long life and maximum torque

  • Large ball bearings, also optimized for short repetitive moves to ensure long life

  • Laminations optimized for high torque, high accuracy and low losses

  • Connectors integrated into motors for quick reliable connections

  • Die cast end bells provide strength, precision, and help cool the motor

  • Updated model numbering system includes a wider range of windings and standard options.

Electrical Specifications

  • Phase: 2

  • Steps/ Revolution: 200

  • Step Angle: 1.8°

  • Step Accuracy: ±5%

  • Insulation Class: B, 130℃

  • Insulation Resistance: 100 MegOhms

  • Axial Load: 40N (9 Lbs.) Push, 130N (30 Lbs.) Pull

  • Radial Load: 70 N (15.5 Lbs.)At Flat Center

  • Operating Temp.: -20℃~50℃

  • IP Rating: IP 40

  • Approvals: UL Recognized File E465363, RoHS

Industry Applications

MOONS’ stepping motors are widely used to create the motion needed in many types of equipment. Examples include:

  • Office automation: printers, scanners, copy machines

  • Stage lighting: pointing, focus, color changes, spot size, special effects

  • Banking: check processing, credit card manufacturing, money scanners & counters

  • Medical: body scanning, blood analyzers, chemical analysis

  • Industrial: textile, packaging, robotics, conveyors, assembly, labeling

  • Telecommunication: phase shift, Tuning, mobile antenna positioning

  • Security: camera movement

  • Automotive: fuel metering, steering control


Anti-corrosive, Low Inertia, High Torque, High Efficiency, Low Vibration, Low Noise, Quick Response
● Corrosion resistant coating inside and outside
● Withstand salt air spray test for long durations
● Available options for Wire Harness

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