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Sanyo Denki: 2-Phase Stepping Systems (DU/DB Series) DC Input
Sanyo Denki: 2-Phase Stepping Systems (DU/DB Series) DC Input

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Sanyo Denki: 2-Phase Stepping Systems (DU/DB Series)

SANMOTION F2, DC Input Set Models

Includes a driver and a high torque motor for a DC input set model (unipolar/bipolar specifications) with a basic step angle of 1.8°, and covers a wide variety of applications, including industrial sewing machines, financial terminals, copiers and manufacturing equipment for semiconductors.


  • Low vibration: This driver features approximately 10% less vibration compared with our conventional product (when used with an AC input driver). Also, a low-vibration mode function provides smooth driving, even with one-division (full-step) and two-division (half-step) coarse resolution settings. This allows vibrations to be suppressed without control system restrictions.

  • Settings possible with setup software: Setup software can be used with a personal computer to adjust control parameters, or to analyze alarms and operation status.

  • Micro-step drive: The basic step angle of 1.8° can be set to a resolution of up to 256 divisions (for AC input) or 16 divisions (for DC input). This allows for smooth operations with minimal vibrations.

  • Handles a wide range of voltages: A wide range of input voltages can be handled, from 100 to 240 VAC*. This makes it possible to use the device in many different countries and regions. Also, the input voltage is automatically detected and the optimal motor characteristics are used for control. *The 42 mm sq. (1.65 inch sq.) motor model only supports 100 to 120 VAC.

  • Compact size: This driver features a 24% reduction in volume compared with our conventional product. This makes it easier to use in places where the setup space is limited.

  • Multiple options: A 4000 P/R high-resolution encoder, and a motor with electromagnetic brake are available as options. The switch timing for motors with an electromagnetic brake is controlled automatically. An external power supply for the brake is unnecessary.

  • Analysis function and device startup support (option): Using an optional encoder with the motor makes it possible to monitor information such as the current position and speed. It simplifies determining causes of vibration and step-out.


  • Machine tools

  • Semiconductor-related devices

  • Food-related equipment

  • Industrial sewing machines.

Model No.: DB14H521D, DB14H521S, DB14H522D, DB14H522S, DB14H524D, DB14H524S, DB14S281D, DB14S281S, DB14S285D, DB14S285S, DB16H671D, DB16H671D, DB16H671S, DB16H673D, DB16H673S, DB16H711D, DB16H711S, DB16H713D, DB16H713S, DB16H716D, DB16H716S, DB16H781D, DB16H781S, DB16H782D, DB16H782S, DB16H783D, DB16H783S, DB16S141D, DB16S141S, DB16S142D, DB16S142S, DB16S144D, DB16S144S, DB16S161D, DB16S161S, DB16S162D, DB16S162S, DU14S281D, DU14S281S, DU14S285D, DU14S285S, DU15H521D, DU15H521S, DU15H522D, DU15H522S, DU15H524D, DU15H524S, DU15S141D, DU15S141S, DU15S142D, DU15S142S, DU15S144D, DU15S144S, DU16H711D, DU16H711S, DU16H713D, DU16H713S, DU16H716D, DU16H716S

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