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Empire Magnetics Inc.: Abrasive Dustproof Brushless Motors (Frame Size 3.25)
Empire Magnetics Inc.: Abrasive Dustproof Brushless Motors (Frame Size 3.25)

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Empire Magnetics Inc.: Abrasive Dustproof Brushless Motors (Frame Size 3.25)

Dustproof Motors

Many industrial operations involve the use, production or processing of materials in powder form. Motors used in the automation of such processes are prone to failures when particulates migrate into unprotected bearings and motor cavities.

Empire Magnetics dustproof motors survive in environments where other motors fail.

Features include, built-in O ring seals that eliminate dust leaks at potential penetration points, housing seals including a shaft slinger and seal prevent abrasive dust from entering the bearing, motor insulation that allows operating at 145 degrees C, case temperature (185 degrees C winding temperature) and air fittings for pressurization are supplied; pressure rated to 15 psi to lock out contamination.

Empire Magnetics dustproof motors are available in industry standard size 23, 34, 42, and 65 frame sizes. Note where seal housing affect usable shaft length.

For the most unique and demanding applications, dustproof and abrasive dustproof step motors can be combined with the following environmental options: radiation hardened, waterproof and extended temperature.


  • Housing seals

  • Built-in O rings

  • Motor insulation

  • Air fittings

Typical applications:

  • Powdered metal forming

  • Fiberglass Manufacturing

  • Ceramic grinding

  • Ceramic handling

  • Carbide tool manufacturing

  • Silicon manufacturing

Brushless Motors

Empire Magnetics' family of abrasive dustproof rated motor/resolvers bundled with a drive system are ideal for efficient closed loop motion control applications. Empire Magnetics' brushless motor with a resolver form a single rugged component suitable for hostile environments. Drive electronics can be removed and controlled from a more hospitable location via RS-232.

Motor Features:

These motors can accommodate rapid acceleration and deceleration. The brushless construction is made for reliability. The brushless resolver can be used as the feedback device. There is high torque to inertia ratio and stall torques from 14 to 451 lb-ins. The unique structure allows maximum power ratings, anti cog design and long life bearings.

Frame size selection:

The 3.25 inch square frame brushless motors (R30 series) include motors with continuous output torque ranging from 15 to 30 inch lb. (1.7-3.4 Nm), or momentary peak torque from 30 to 70 inch lb. (3.4 - 7.9 Nm). Rotor inertia from .17 to .31 oz-in2. Continuous output power of 700 to 975 watts.

Model #: AD-R32, AD-R33, AD-R34, AD-R35

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