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FAULHABER: Encoders (AE 23B8 Series)

FAULHABER: Encoders (AE 23B8 Series)

Incremental encoders - Two channels

The FAULHABER shaft encoders in combination with the DC-Micromotors and Brushless DC-Servomotors are designed for both indication and control of both shaft velocity and direction of rotation as well as for positioning

The encoders of the Series IE2 are integrated in the DC-Micromotors SR-Series and extend the overall length by only 1,4 mm!

Features and benefits

  • Wide range of resolutions to fit the application

  • Compact design as integrated or attachment type

  • CMOS- and TTL-compatible

  • Low power consumption


  • Dimension (mm): Ø16

  • Technology: Magnetic

  • Pulse per Revolution:12

  • Signal Output: Digital

FAULHABER: Encoders (40B Series)

FAULHABER: Encoders (40B Series)

Incremental encoders - Three channels

The encoders of the Series IE3 are available as attachable kits or preassembled to FAULHABER DC-Motors CR and CXR Series, or as integrated assemblies for FAULHABER Brushless DC-Servomotors Series BX4.

Features and Benefits:

  • Compact modular system

  • A wide range of resolutions are available

  • Index channel

  • Line Drivers are available


  • Dimension (mm): 46 x 62 x 44.3

  • Technology: Optical

  • Pulse per Revolution: 1,000

  • Signal Output: Digital with Line Driver

FAULHABER: Encoders (AMT102/103 Series)

Pulse per Revolution: 48 ... 2,048