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Delta Tau: 40x2 LCD Backlit Display (ACC-12A)

Delta Tau: 40x2 LCD Backlit Display (ACC-12A)

Most PMACs have a JDISP connector that allows the connection of the ACC-12 or ACC-12A liquid crystal displays, or the ACC-12C vacuum fluorescent display. Both text and variable values may be shown on these displays through the use of the DISPLAY command, executed in either motion or PLC programs.
Display, 40x2 LCD 5mm high alpha chars w/180-cm (6') cable

Price : $211.00
Delta Tau: Serial Communication Terminal (ACC-20)

Delta Tau: Serial Communication Terminal (ACC-20)

PMAC's Accessory 20 (ACC-20) is a small size serial communication terminal manufactured by Burr Brown (model # CTM200G). This model replaces the TM2500 terminal previously used. ACC-20 is typically used in applications where it is more convenient to use a small self-contained keyboard/display terminal (rather than a Host based computer) to communicate to the PMAC card via its serial connector. The unit may be used either as a hand-held terminal or it may be rack mounted. The terminal includes a large 16-character liquid crystal display. The sealed keyboard has 24 keys consisting of numerical keypad or optional alphanumeric keypad. By using the "SHIFT" key, the six function keys are mapped to give access to 18 functions.

CTM200G runs on standard +5V power supply that is brought in through the supplied RS232 flat cable for PMAC-PC, PMAC-VME and the new PMAC-LITE. For the STD32 bus version of PMAC, a separate power supply is required.

ACC-20 Cables:

Depending on the specific version of PMAC, there are three different RS232 connection cables available. These cables may be ordered as ACC-20 options:

  • ACC-20 Option 1 is the RS232 cable for the connection of ACC-20 with PMAC-PC and PMACVME.

  • ACC-20 Option 2 is the RS232 cable for the connection of ACC-20 with PMAC - STD32.

  • ACC-20 Option 3 is the RS232 cable for the connection of ACC-20 with PMAC-LITE.

PMAC Setup:

To use the hand held terminal with PMAC, the following modifications need to be made:

  • On PMAC-VME, PMAC-PC, and PMAC-LITE install jumper E8 to allow +5V supply from PMAC to drive the CMT200G. (This jumper is installed by default).

  • Set I3 (I/O handshake Control I-variable) to zero.

Price : $365.00